The Michelin Brand in Competitive Sport: Visibility and Legibility

With a role in competitive sport from the outset, Michelin is involved in numerous international sports challenges, both professional and amateur. The aim: demonstrate the performance and quality of Michelin products and promote the brand’s DNA. We look back at a successful strategy of increasing visibility and legibility – tangible proof that, for Michelin, competition is a superb way to keep moving forward.

Visibility of the Michelin Brand: A Major Challenge in Competition

The world of competitive sport carries with it many constraints to which Michelin has adapted. Motor sports, in particular, are fast-moving and ever-changing environments: numerous brands live side-by-side on extremely varied media, such as sports equipment, signage, tracks, stands, vehicles, tires, etc. After almost two years’ work, a charter has been developed specifically for competitive sports. The aim? Strengthen the brand’s visibility in international championships in which Michelin is involved.

Before and After: Enhanced Brand Impression

Because the performance of a brand also depends on its specific use on various media, including the most unexpected, the Group took the bold decision to develop a new logo. Here are some images that illustrate the flexibility of the brand’s use, both horizontally and vertically, with a before-and-after comparison of the same media.

From the Track to the Road, Michelin Total Performance and Tire Markings: Making Michelin’s Expertise Visible

Michelin’s visibility strategy also, and above all, involves the markings on its tires. By adopting the dual use of the Michelin Total Performance logo marking at 12 and 6 o’clock on all competition tires, the entire communication effort surrounding the Group’s development philosophy was enhanced. It will be further enhanced when this marking is extended to standard tires. This visibility also highlights Michelin’s commitment to bringing an ever-growing number of performance factors together within the same tire.

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