Roborace: a race for intelligence

The car industry is experiencing two major revolutions: the major roll-out of electric engines and the emergence of driverless vehicles. Today, the technology has advanced to a point where it can pass the most demanding of tests: the Roborace competition!



Running in parallel with the Formula E championship, Roborace has already held exhibition races to collect data to build competitive driverless cars capable of reaching 300kph. Awaiting the real championship in 2017. Behind the sporting challenge is a genuine race for intelligence. By subjecting driverless vehicles to extreme situations we accelerate their development. Roborace has three official partners: 

  • nVidia for the artificial intelligence inside the vehicles
  • Charge for the electric engines 
  • MICHELIN for tires

Just like Formula E, Roborace hopes applications developed for the race will be directly transposed into everyday life. The tires must not only be able to meet the specific requirements of this unique competition, they must also be installable on any mass-produced vehicle. An approach which is in line with our philosophy and which will allow us to test our new generation of road tires over the coming months. 

We have always used competitions to improve our products. Roborace gives us the unique opportunity to apply our expertise and know-how to self-driving vehicles, a field where we want to be pioneers. We want to help shape the future of mobility, not just be a part of it.

Pascal Couasnon, MICHELIN Motorsport Director

Track tests

Clermont-Ferrand (Michelin Ladoux track) - France