New Hypersport and Track ranges - Michelin confirms its passion for motorsport and gives bikers the very best of its sports experience

After a particularly successful 2014 motorcycle season for the Group, Michelin is offering six new Hypersport and Track tires in 2015. On April 29, on the Mugello circuit a few miles away from the Italian city of Florence, Michelin invited drivers, the press and prescribers to discover its new range of Hypersport and Track tires.  Here's a review of this latest range.

An innovative offer for experienced riders or savvy amateurs

As an exclusive supplier to MotoGP from 2016 onwards, Michelin is launching six new motorcycle tires for four specific uses:

  • MICHELIN Power SuperMoto, the world champion tire suitable for everyone
  • MICHELIN Power Slick Ultimate, for the most experienced drivers looking to clock up high speeds;
  • MICHELIN Power Cup Ultimate, reserved for the kings of speed;
  • MICHELIN Power Slick Evo, ideal for weekend track outings;
  • MICHELIN Power Cup Evo, ideal for weekend track outings, but with a slightly different front profile to that of the Slick Evo for even better handling;
  • MICHELIN Power SuperSport Evo, a 50% track and 50% road tire which is just as at home on the street as on the track.

These tires are aimed at both skilled racers and amateurs racing against the clock on the track.

From the Power SuperSport Evo range, approved for street use, to the Power Slick Ultimate range designed for the track, all bikers will find the right tire for their particular use.

From track to street - so users benefit as quickly as possible from technology developed on the race track

For these new 2015 ranges, Michelin has set itself an objective: improve and accelerate access to this technology so that it reaches the market earlier. When a racing technology is considered an interesting solution for all bikers, it will then be tested in races for 1 to 2 years before moving on to the development phase.

A high-performing AND safe tire

The challenge was to group, in four "very high performance" tire categories, the demands for as many types of use in extreme conditions.

Thanks to their innovative qualities and specific technology, these tires meet users' performance and safety requirements.

They are the result of three years’ development in close partnership with the Motorsports department which carried out tests with a wide range of experienced drivers.

MICHELIN innovation - "Adaptive Casing Technology"

The new Michelin Hypersport and Track ranges not only provide advanced technological expertise but some of them are also intended to ensure an easier ride.

MICHELIN’S ACT - or "Adaptive Casing Technology" - has significantly contributed to this progress. It represents quite spectacular progress by providing the tire with increased stability and reducing veering at high speeds which can make riders feel unsafe.

The MICHELIN Moto Challenge

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Key figures in the development of these ranges

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