Michelin partners New Holland at the 2015 Milan Expo

The Universal Exposition in Milan which opened its doors on May 1 will run for a total of 184 days. More than 20 million visitors are expected to flock to the Expo before it winds up on October 31, 2015. Expo Milano intends to be the first Exposition to make a real contribution to the debate around its theme “Feeding the planet, Energy for Life” by providing food for thought on issues such as nutrition, food production and resources. The Expo theme is tightly bound to Michelin and New Holland’s values and technologies showcased in the Sustainable Farm Pavilion of which the Group is a partner.

Michelin and New Holland: a longstanding partnership

New Holland is the only manufacturer of agricultural machinery to be present in Milan. Its partnership with Michelin’s agricultural product line dates back over 40 years, and the company shares Michelin’s vision of tomorrow’s sustainable agriculture.

The entire concept of the pavilion is inspired by the Clean Energy leader strategy pursued by New Holland embodying their vision of how a leading agricultural machinery company can help in “Feeding the planet”.

Check out New Holland’s special Expo Milano 2015 website

Michelin, a longtime advocate of responsible agriculture

In order to provide food for the planet in a sustainable and environmentally friendly manner, we continually offer farmers the most innovative solutions to increase their efficiency and protect their land, so as to improve living conditions for all.”

Michelin’s vision for its Agricultural Product Line

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