Michelin expertise fuels passion

Michelin was in Beijing and Shanghai on September 12 and 19 for the “Top City Classic” rally in its capacity as automotive supplier for prestigious car manufacturers.
It was an occasion to celebrate the brand’s expertise in classic car tires: an excellent example of today’s innovation building on yesterday’s experience!

Rallye de chine

A better way forward… for classic cars

The classic car fever sweeping the world has reached China where the history and prestige of these vehicles is creating a big impression.

In order to be able to conserve these legendary models and keep them on the road, tires play an essential role.

Michelin has once again harnessed technological innovation to provide a concrete illustration of its brand slogan – A better way forward – respecting both the need for authenticity and today’s regulatory environment. It’s a quite daring approach which will help preserve the world’s automotive heritage.


The classic range: the best of the best

Michelin has created a catalogue of more than 90 tire dimensions to provide tires for the most iconic vehicles. 

Adapting to the driving standards of the time and respecting the look of vehicles manufactured between 1925 and 1980 was an incredible challenge. Two types of tires are available: one for racing models and the other for classic cars driven as a hobby.

Protecting our heritage and giving it a new lease of life has always been a priority for Michelin. Our plants today are capable of manufacturing the same tires as in the nineteen thirties.

Lorenzo Giovanelli, Director, historic motorsport and classic car tire department