MICHELIN X-STRADDLE 2: the catalyst for port operations

Without straddle carriers, merchandise can’t go anywhere. In port settings, these giant carriers with eight directional wheels have become the essential relays between cargo ships and delivery trucks.

Essential, indispensable

Tires play a key role

Straddle carriers are 10 meters long, 12 meters high, and almost 5 meters wide.

They are the workhorses of the port: they can lift up to 60 tons, but the incessant heavy lifting takes a toll. Since the carriers are used so intensively, tire design and quality are critical.

Optimized performance for immediate benefits

The MICHELIN X-STRADDLE 2 tire has been entirely redesigned to help make port operations even safer. Made in France at one of seven Michelin sites that specialize in Earthmover tires, the MICHELIN X-STRADDLE 2 is now much more robust and durable, with markedly improved grip, handling, and stability.