MICHELIN Ultraflex Technologies: tires built for performance

MICHELIN Ultraflex Technologies celebrates its tenth anniversary. We look back today over this disruptive innovation, which equips agricultural tires to provide better soil protection, boost crop yields and keep farmers safer.

Advanced MICHELIN technology to drive agricultural progress

Farmers are faced with two challenges: reducing the number of passes for machinery in the fields and reducing compaction, i.e. when the machinery's action compresses the soil.

MICHELIN Ultraflex technology means that machines press the soil less, and as a result the soil produces better yields.

A report by the Harper Adams University in the UK estimated that soil compaction in the UK ended up costing agriculture over $1.2 billion a year. This Michelin innovation can help increase farming yields by up to 4%, which equates to a return on investment of over 24%.*


MICHELIN Ultraflex Technologies: soil protection and productivity

MICHELIN Ultraflex delivers proven benefits:

• Improved soil protection

In relation to soil protection, measurements of the impact of MICHELIN XeoBib tires have shown a reduction in visible compaction of up to 1 meter. The main benefits include lower risks of denitrification and water erosion, and maintenance of soil porosity and biodiversity. The result is a lasting improvement in the biomass produced.

10 ans de MICHELIN Ultraflex Technologies actus

• Increased productivity

There are visible productivity gains in tests performed with MICHELIN AxioBib IF 900/65 R46 tires. These tires, which are designed for high-powered tractors, are inflated to a lower pressure to give them a larger footprint. The tractor is wider and more mobile, spending less time in the field, while carrying heavier loads and traveling at higher speeds. The same holds true for the MICHELIN CargoXBib High Flotation tires used on trailers. With their wide range of pressures and a remote inflation system, they are suitable for all payloads and terrains.


Michelin innovation: the importance of safety

Michelin constantly strives to combine performance and safety. Mounted on a John Deere sprayer, which is a heavy, bulky machine with a heavy payload, MICHELIN SprayBib tires with Ultraflex technology carried a 40% heavier payload with 43% less pressure, while the sprayer successfully completed cone collision avoidance maneuvers at 40 km/h - a very high speed for these vehicles. Pushed to the limit, the tires demonstrated their ability to give farmers controlled, safe driving.

* For further information on the Harper Adams University report: "Effects of traffic and tillage on crop yield (winter wheat Triticum aestivum) and the physical properties of a sandy loam soil" released in May 2014, contact:

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