MICHELIN Pilot Sport4 S: behind the tire

Tire production occurs on an industrial scale. However, it still has a very strong human if not hand-crafted dimension which justifies Michelin’s name for it: manufacture (literally "made by hand”).


Choosing materials for example, preparing the wires, which make up the tire’s structure, assembling the molds and even checking the finished product, every day our employees express themselves as artisans of their craft. Meticulous in their craft, shaped by experience and continuously improving, for over a hundred years these people have helped us created unique tires, like today’s MICHELIN Pilot Sport 4 S.



Episode 1




A leather craftsman from Maison Chapal and a Michelin designer reveal an unexpected secret to their success: they put themselves in the shoes of those who ultimately use what they make.

Episode 2




What do an accomplished music composer and a Michelin wire drawing operator have in common? The desire to use their technical expertise to move people.

Episode 3




A certain way of working, a certain way of thinking, a commitment to leaving nothing to chance... Each gesture of this engine fitter at Mercedes-AMG and this Michelin tyre inspector incarnate the very essence of rigour.

Episode 4




How do you create products of remarkable quality? A lens production Manager at Vuarnet sunglasses and a Michelin production pilot transform superior raw materials into high performance products.

Episode 5




It takes exceptional precision to create perfection. The slightest error makes all the work that’s come before useless. A master watchmaker and a Michelin mould manufacturer explore the importance of precision.

Episode 6




This chef at the 2 Michelin star restaurant Ecco Zürich and this chemist at Michelin share a recipe for innovation: an encyclopaedic knowledge of ingredients and the desire to surpass expectations.