MICHELIN POWER : performance without compromise

How can you go faster and further using the same energy? Every amateur or professional cyclist has asked themselves that question as they all face the same opposing forces: gravity, air drag and tire rolling resistance.

MICHELIN Power - 2016


Gravity makes the hills exhausting, air slows you down and wind is your worst enemy when you are not sheltered by the peloton. To overcome these forces, two parameters must be considered: weight and aerodynamics.

Tire roll resistance, on the other hand, is completely different. Because a tire is not rigid (thankfully!), it flattens a little on the road at every turn. This deformation leads to a loss of heat and therefore energy. This is what we call rolling resistance. The greater it is, the more energy is needed to move forward (muscles on a bike, fuel in an engine).

This why at Michelin we have been working for a long time on rolling resistance for all our tires and for all vehicles. Our latest technical advances can today be seen in the new MICHELIN POWER range of bike tires, available in 3 versions to suit everyone’s needs. The MICHELIN POWER range presents 25% less roll resistance which increases your power by around 10 watts. Concretely, on a flat road and without wind, that means three seconds less per mile.

In our MICHELIN POWER range we have also integrated our latest innovations in longevity and grip, whatever the weather.


25% less rolling resistance with MICHELIN POWER tires, representing 10 watts gained.
2 faster thanks to MICHELIN POWER tires.

*Observed over a distance of 25 miles covered at an average of 22 mph 

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