Formula-E in Paris

The Formula-E championship has visited Paris for the first time in its short history. The city hosted this year’s 7th race on Saturday April 23rd. An electric race !


An innovative, high-performance and quiet Grand Prix!

When the 18 drivers charge around the 2.3km track round the Invalides, they have been part of the first automobile race in France’s capital city since 1951. This is one of the great characteristics of Formula-E... Because of the quiet, emission-free cars, competitions can return to the centers of major cities allowing a wide audience to enjoy thrilling races in exceptional surroundings.

For their part, the drivers did'nt hardly have the time to appreciate the beautiful golden dome of the Invalides. Formula-E represents a responsible approach to motor racing, but there is nothing relaxing about it.  The competing cars can reach 225 kph at top speed. And, most importantly, they can go from 0 to 100 kph in 3 seconds, performances similar to those of Formula 1 cars. The result is exciting, thrilling grand prix races with many twists and developments for the delight of spectators, yet kind to their ears.

A laboratory for tomorrow’s cars

Motorsport has always represented a laboratory for automotive innovation. By using electric engines Formula-E is projecting itself into the future, more than any other competition. Testing the latest innovations under extreme conditions is helping to design tomorrow’s electric cars.

At Michelin where we love competition as much as we love innovation, we are compelled to take part in this adventure. We are the sole tire provider for Formula-E and have been since the competition first began in 2014. Alongside the competitors, we must meet a two-fold objective: design tires to match grip to vehicle acceleration whilst offering optimum energy efficiency to maximize battery life. These issues are just as relevant to competition racing as they are to everyday electric cars!

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