An award for our purchasing policies

On June 2, 2014, Michelin's ethical and responsible purchasing program, which covers a global network of 27 countries, obtained the "Relations Fournisseur Responsables" (“Responsible Supplier Relationships") label.
This label is valid for three years and honors French companies that have signed the “Relations Fournisseur Responsables” Charter and demonstrate long-lasting and balanced relationships with their suppliers.

Respect for ethical rules


Michelin is committed to seamlessly integrating our business activities into the economic and social areas in which the Group is present. In order to do this, the company works mainly with local suppliers, with some additional international suppliers when necessary. These suppliers must meet Michelin's strict standards and adhere to the company's commitments to sustainable development, all while respecting ethical rules.

Did you know?

To date Michelin is the only company whose worldwide purchasing program has been awarded this label from the Médiation Inter-Entreprises (Inter-Company Mediator), the Médiation des Marchés Publics (Public Procurement Mediator) and the Compagnie des Dirigeants et Acheteurs de France  (Association of Purchasing Managers).