Back, a story that continues to be written

Launched in July 2014, the website has a coherent discourse in line with the values and the signature of the brand: to offer everyone a better way forward. Today the site is enriched with new pages that allow a dive in the heart of a story that is like no other.
Actu Histoire

A thematic routes to discover more than a century of history (s) otherwise

More than 120 years of history, more than 120 years of innovation.

Since 1889, the history of the Michelin Group has been for from linear. The company has always been able to give a new impetus to the various successive eras

Videos and images of exceptional archives in support, 4 new briefing - articulated about input by chapters - complement the approach dates of the great human and industrial adventure MICHELIN.

A unique interactive experience for all audiences

With this enhancement, the site offers a new browsing experience to all Internet users: the choice is offered to enter the heart of Michelin's history by a key date or a major theme.
Key dates in Michelin can now be assessed in terms of actions, expensive innovations or commitments to Michelin: social engagement, sustainable development, innovation, or road safety. Thus, all public will discover that the vocation 1 MICHELIN guide published in 1900 was primarily to provide the driver with good practice in the use and maintenance of tires.
History by dates complemented by the story thematically comes to reinforce the idea that Michelin has always been a pioneer in many areas and continues to be to always offer a better way forward ...

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