Yellowstone: Michelin Corporate Foundation build a new path

In the United States, Yellowstone Park world-famous geysers are victims of their success. Their fragile ecosystem is under intense pressure due to 3 million annual tourists walking along the access paths. Michelin Corporate Foundation made a commitment to find a solution.

Fondation d'Entreprise Michelin - Yellowstone

The Yellowstone Park, located in Wyoming, is the world oldest national park. It is home of two-third of world geysers, including the renowned Old Faithful. Asphalt access paths to the site are quickly deteriorated by the numerous visitors, causing damages the remarkable flora and fauna. It calls for a long term sustainable solution, preserving the soil permeability to allow rain water to keep filling the geysers reservoir.

Michelin Corporate Foundation, which goals includes to support environmental projects, has worked out a solution with the Yellowstone Park personnel. The foundation has provided a technical and financial support to build a new path using an ecological coating, using 50 percent of tire scraps, which provides the needed sustainability and permeability. 10 Michelin North America employees, chosen at random, contributed onsite to this unique project.