The Michelin brand: trust and progress

For the 3rd consecutive year, the Reputation Institute, which ranks the world’s brands according to their reputation, has put Michelin at the head of the French rankings and 13th worldwide. We are also the French brand with the best reputation in many countries: United States, China, Germany, the United Kingdom and Italy. Other reputation surveys rank us as the leading company in our business sector.



These results highlight the global scope of our brand. They also show that our stakeholders (customers, employees, partners, suppliers) see Michelin as a company they can trust. That makes us very proud. It also makes us want to innovate further and demonstrate our responsibility to society in everything we do.

To give the company’s activities meaning, it needs to have an inspiring mission that creates value for each of its stakeholders. That is what Michelin embodies through its key purpose: to find the best way forward for everyone.

Claire Dorland-Clauzel, Director of Sustainable Development, Brands, External Relations and the MICHELIN Guide

Quality: the heart of our brand

According to the surveys, the leading quality you find is in our products and services. It represents the very foundation of your trust, as we are “the company chosen every day by consumers”, an attribute so dear to François Michelin. The excellent reputation of our tires is no recent thing, but we must continuously reinforce it.
This is why we are so committed to innovation: 720 million euros invested every year in R&D, over 6,000 researchers, research partnerships and incubation organizations to develop new ideas. This pledge means we can offer products with unrivaled performances every year: a car tire as good in winter as in summer, motorbike tires with the same grip on dry or wet roads, farming tires that are as efficient in the field as on the road...



Again, it is our capacity for innovation which allows us to guarantee our tires over time, right up to their legal wear limit, unlike some of our competitors who advise an early tire change for their products, disregarding the interests of customers and the planet.

A brand at your service

If we were just a simple tire manufacturer, we wouldn’t get such positive results in reputation surveys. Our Group has always seen mobility as a coherent whole, developing a range of unique services over the years.

This is why Michelin is recognized today as a brand of services as much as it is an individual company. Here again, innovation is at work... We have embraced digital technology to ceaselessly broaden our offer and make it more accessible. ViaMichelin helps you plan your way as surely as our roadmaps. Online reservation services are now included in our guides. More than ever before, we support our customers before, during and after their journeys.



In parallel, our services for professionals are being extended and globalised. We now offer transporters solutions for managing their entire vehicle fleet, far beyond the tires.

A responsible brand

AToday, we expect all major businesses to behave responsibly and to resolve society’s big challenges.

At Michelin, our primary responsibility is the complete life cycle of the tire, from raw material extraction, manufacture in our companies, use by our customers up to recycling at the end of its life. We approach this cycle using the principles of the circular economy; we design lighter tires using less raw materials. We are working on reducing their roll resistance to reduce fuel consumption during use and, therefore, carbon dioxide emissions (CO2). We are making them more resistant and better performing, right down to the last mile to avoid premature and unnecessary replacement.



Upstream of their manufacture, we have also implemented a sustainable purchasing policy, particularly with natural rubber producers. We require all our suppliers to observe not only the environmental standards of their own country but also standards in countries where we sell our products!
Finally, thanks to our reprofiling, retreading and recycling activities, we are extending the use of our products or giving them a second life.

Another of our responsibilities is to make mobility safer. Beyond the intrinsic safety provided by our tires (solidity, grip, etc.), we support many road safety campaigns, locally and around the world, in partnership with specialized NGOs and the FIA.

Generally, wherever the company is established, we play an active part in local community life, particularly through initiatives supporting healthcare, education, culture and more. Our commitment to sustainable mobility is behind Movin’On, the world summit for sustainable mobility (formerly Michelin Challenge Bibendum).

Proud of our values

Commitments only last if they are based on strong convictions. Ours are both simple and universal.

  • Respect, first and foremost, for people and the environment, our customers, our partners and our shareholders. Respect for our employees with decent work conditions, equality and diversity. Our new organization will give everyone even more independence, to liberate initiatives and encourage personal development. Respect for our suppliers with whom we want to maintain long-term, transparent and demanding relationships.
  • Progress too, which we believe should never stop.
  • And finally, the love of a job well done. The desire to fully explore our ideas and our convictions, to make them a reality.

These values are nothing new, but they are timeless. They have ensured our unity for over 125 years.

Tires, services...

and the Michelin Man!

Our brand wouldn’t be what it is without the Michelin Man. Voted best logo of all time in 2000, the Michelin Man has incarnated our brand for over 130 years. Its fame knows no borders. It is immediately recognizable and yet has always evolved over time. It’s design developments are a reflection of the Group’s own evolution.