Pebble Beach 2015 - Michelin at the Californian vintage car event!

From 11 to 16 August, a replica of the first car fitted with pneumatic tires takes part in the world premier automobile celebration, closing the Monterey Car Week (USA). All through its US journey, Michelin honours the symbol of its 120 years’ active involvement in motorsport!

L'Eclair - 2015

L'Éclair (lightning) left its distinctive zigzag mark in the car competition history… This summer, 50,000 vintage car aficionados expected in California for the Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance will (re)discover its replica. The replica of this automobile will then be exhibited in San Francisco, New York City and Chicago before returning home to the French Adventure museum (Clermont-Ferrand) in early November.

In 1895, the Michelin founding brothers took the wheel of the automobile they had built to tackle the 1,178-kilometre first major road race Paris-Bordeaux, fraught with pitfalls. Loaded wih spare parts, they had to handle this erratic engine – due to a minor design fault- to prove the benefits of the first car fitted with air tires. This race thus paved the way for modern mobility.

120 years later, L'Éclair starts this new journey to the United States with the hightlights of the Californian scene from 11 to 16 August. The video of L'Éclair’s American adventure is coming this fall!

The first automobile “riding on air”

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