MICHELIN rises to the Enduro challenge

Is there any tougher test for tires than the Enduro? Racing across scree, staying on top of sand, avoiding sliding on grass... Only exceptional tires can cope with these conditions. The new MICHELIN Enduro range had its baptism of fire at the end of August at the FIM Six Days of Enduro which this year were held in Brive (France).



The oldest off-track race (created back in 1913) is also an exceptional experience. For Michelin it was even more so this year. For the first time we partnered the event and used the opportunity to test our new Enduro range, the result of 4 years of work..

Once again, our engineers and all the teams used their combined expertise to design a tire that can take seasoned riders and informed amateurs equally further. For the Enduro it is all about the grip. To increase speed and get over obstacles, the tire must be able to grip any surface. Focusing on the rubber mix and the structure, our new MICHELIN Enduro range has reached an excellent level with all the standard Michelin characteristics: the tires’ unrivaled longevity (a 15% improvement) and unfailing solidity have been hailed by riders. They also appreciated the flexibility of the sides, which provides more racing comfort and makes the essential assembly/dismantling operations much easier.

I love these tires and you know, if you want better traction, you’ve just got to have MICHELIN tires.

Jessica Garner, Yamaha Rider – Team Australia

The new MICHELIN Enduro range has “hard” front tires for scree terrains, and "medium” tires for sand and grass in two sizes (90/90 and 90/100), and a “medium” rear tire also in two sizes (120/90 and 140/80).