Lifestyle Products, mobility beyond tires

Because mobility is more than just tires, Michelin Lifestyle Limited offers licensed products for everyday life.

A large range of products for enthusiasts

With its collection of car, sports, and leisure accessories as well as clothes and collector's items and gifts, Lifestyle Products are sure to meet all your needs and interests.

Technological innovation

Through our collaboration with licensed partners who are experts in their fields, Michelin is able to transfer our tire know-how and expertise to Michelin Lifestyle Limited products. For example, Michelin works with the tennis brand Babolat to help them develop outsoles for their shoes.

MICHELIN Stealth Hybrid windshield wipers, named product of the year

Every year, the British magazine Auto Express selects the best automobile products and accessories in each category. This year, the MICHELIN Stealth Hybrid windshield wipers were named "2014 Product of the Year" by the well-known magazine.

The MICHELIN Stealth Hybrid windshield wipers boast hybrid wiper blades that use MICHELIN "Smart Flex" technology, which adapts to the shape of the windshield, ensuring optimum contact with the entire blade.

Lifestyle Products statistics

  • 64 licensees in more than 130 countries
  • 16.5 million products sold in 2013
  • An average of 10 award-winning products every year
  • 30,000 sales outlets