Bibendum: a new style to better communicate

The Michelin Man who appears on all our tires, products and services, personifies an invitation to travel which Michelin has been offering its customers for over a century. He has always developed with his time, losing his monocle, cuff links and cigar in particular. He has already undergone eight changes in his lifetime, and even made his entrance into the world of 3D at the beginning of the 2000s, an era when he was voted “Best brand icon of all time” by a jury of experts. The ultimate accolade for a globally known and recognized character!



Today, the time has come for him to change once again. For the 9th time since his birth in 1898, the Michelin Man is evolving once again to stay faithful to his timeless modernism and incarnate what we are and want to be: an everyday partner, discreet, considerate and reassuring. In our advertising, it leaves the leading role to our customers.

In reality, a brand is a living thing. A brand represents the company and develops with the world around it. Today, it must be in a position to dialog, understand and express emotions.
By evolving all of our communication, we are turning towards our customers, towards their life moments, joy, passion, emotion, caring... This renewal proves the company’s modern approach and the longevity of its reason for being. It underlines our desire to be at the heart of the lives of everyone, at the heart of human development and to find every day, together, the “best way forward” for us all.

Claire Dorland-Clauzel, Brand and External Relations Director, Michelin

A new identity, two new logos

The new visual identity has two logos: one for the Group, the other for the commercial brand. Whilst similar to the previous logo, the two designs portray a well-defined Michelin Man to make him more visible, more expressive and to strengthen his proximity. Each logo, however has a different attitude.


The Brand logo salutes our present and future customers with a welcoming and protective gesture. The Group logo indicates the future and our vision for tomorrow’s mobility.

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