1914-1918: A time to remember for Michelin

To commemorate the centenary of the First World War, Michelin has produced three short films to illustrate three ways in which Michelin contributed to the war effort during this devastating conflict.

Correspondence... From the Great War - Opus 2

Correspondence... From the Great War - Opus 3

Helping out through innovation, community action and healthcare

Less than three weeks after war was declared, Michelin offered to supply the French government with aircraft. During the war, the company built approximately 2,000 Breguet war planes. And, in 1916, it was Michelin which constructed the world’s first paved runway at Aulnat, near Clermont-Ferrand.

Michelintook its social role very seriously, employing women and paying benefits to the spouses and children of employees called up for service, further enhancing the spirit of solidarity which existed between soldiers and civilians.

Lastly, a tire warehouse in the Clermont-Ferrand plant was converted in just 21 days into a 320-bed makeshift hospital where 2,993 casualties were treated.


“Letters from the Great War”: a historical reconstitution

The screenplays of the three films are based on the prolific correspondence between soldiers and Mr. Lunant, who was head of personnel at the time. Thousands of letters are carefully conserved in the Michelin historical archives.

The scenes were filmed in Michelin’s very own audiovisual studio which was home for the first time to actors in period costumes and some very unusual film sets including Mr. Lunant’s office, a worker’s home, a hospital ward, a military camp and even a trench!