With Michelin Travel Partner and Michelin Lifestyle Limited, MICHELIN Technologies Do Even More for Mobility

As a tire manufacturer, Michelin got involved in other areas encouraging mobility very early in its history. So it's not surprising that today its activities include services offering all consumers a better way forward. With Michelin Travel Partner and Michelin Lifestyle Limited, Michelin wants to provide expertise and know-how so everyone can develop a unique brand experience with the company.

Michelin Travel Partner

Michelin Travel Partner: Providing Better Mobility Every Day

The merger of Michelin Maps and Guides with ViaMichelin gave rise to Michelin Travel Partner, which specializes in MICHELIN tourism products:

  • tourist guides
  • hotel and restaurant guides
  • maps and road atlases

and also digital mobility services:

ViaMichelin websites and mobile-friendly websites

  • MICHELIN Travel
  • MICHELIN Restaurants
  • mobile apps
  • tourism content for mobile phones and navigation systems

One of its missions is to help consumers in their daily life while strengthening their relationship with the MICHELIN Brand.

Michelin Travel Partner Supports You at Every Stage of Your Travels

  • Before: choosing a destination, itinerary, and tourist activities
  • During: using geolocation to access data gathered by Michelin Travel Partner experts
  • After: reviewing your experience on websites and also calculating costs

A Digital Travel Experience with Michelin Travel Partner

MICHELIN is the European leader for road maps, the world leader for restaurant guides, and an important player in the tourist guide market. Its mobility apps help customers move around more safely, efficiently, and enjoyably by offering them quality Michelin content.

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Michelin is the only tire company that can offer its customers a brand experience that goes beyond the core product, tires."

Claire Dorland-Clauzel, executive committee member, Michelin Group

Michelin Lifestyle Limited, Always Serving the MICHELIN Brand…

In the late 1990s, Michelin explored the idea of developing a business of products related to the MICHELIN Brand. When the famous designer Sir Terence Conran bought MICHELIN House, Michelin's former UK headquarters, Michelin decided to begin marketing lifestyle-related products. After a three-year study, the program for expanding the MICHELIN brand launched in June 2000 with the creation of a new subsidiary, Michelin Lifestyle Limited.

…And All Its Consumers

Michelin Lifestyle Limited's mission is to develop and market consumer products in order to:

  • increase MICHELIN's reputation and brand preference around the world
  • promote Michelin's commitment to better mobility
  • strengthen the Brand's emotional relationship with its target consumers

Developing Together with our Partners

Michelin entered into several win/win technical partnerships to develop products that have technological added value.

The most recent partnership of November 26, 2014 with Jihua had the goal of making Michelin a world player in the field of high-performance footwear soles.

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…A Win/Win Situation with Many Benefits for our Partners

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  • access to MICHELIN technology and its ground contact expertise
  • increased product performance
  • access to Michelin manufacturing process expertise
  • connection with a brand that is known worldwide and with a very positive image in terms of quality, performance, and innovation
  • a positive impact on the partner's brand image and differentiation on its markets
  • increased product sales with premium price positioning, strengthened by the MICHELIN guarantee
  • joint marketing actions in various countries with the support of
  • Michelin teams (marketing, media relations, etc.)

And for Michelin

  • connection with a professional, reliable, innovative, leading brand in its field, which shares the same values and the goal of creating high-performance products
  • connection with professional players
  • media exposure around the world, especially television
  • a showcase for communicating the benefits of technology and performance

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