When people think of Michelin, they think of more than just tires: Michelin is also an expert in mobility services. Michelin has created Michelin Travel Partner as an umbrella entity for all its mobility-related services: ViaMichelin, Maps, Apps, Telematics, Guides etc.
While Michelin 2.0 digital solutions are gaining in popularity, the figures show that Michelin customers still like to have a paper document in their hands.

Increasingly connected and mobile savvy users and the Michelin Navigation app can boast 475 million visits a year.

30% were registered on the ViaMichelin mobile site or app or the Michelin Navigation app.

Paper is here to stay

Over 13,000,000 maps and guides were printed in 2013.

73% of the users of MICHELIN websites and applications also consult other forms of travel information including:

  • GPS: 55%
  • paper maps: 24%
  • road atlas: 16%  

And 68% of these users still print out documents before they travel (journey planner, map etc.).

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