The new MICHELIN CrossClimate tire - a turning point in history

To meet the challenge of the weather conditions in Europe, Jean-Dominique Senard, Managing Partner of the Group, has today presented the new MICHELIN CrossClimate tire. A major innovation intended for the European market, this very first summer tire with official winter approval is a tangible illustration of MICHELIN Total Performance: combining across-the-board performance to meet a wide range of usage. With official approval for winter use, the MICHELIN CrossClimate tire is a combination of summer and winter tire technologies, incompatible until now.
Actu MICHELIN CrossClimate

MICHELIN CrossClimate design and development strategy

The MICHELIN CrossClimate tire was developed from an analysis of the behavior of European motorists. The aim of its design and development is to enable motorists to run all year round with one set of tires, with no need to worry about changes in weather conditions.

  • 65% of European motorists use summer tires throughout the year, compromising their safety in cold weather in the event of snow and ice*
  • 4 in 10 motorists in Europe consider the seasonal changeover of tires to be restrictive and, as a result, put off the changeover time as long as possible**.


Full info on the MICHELIN CrossClimate tire in figures

  • 23: Is the number of different 15 to 17-inch sizes to be available when the CrossClimate goes on the market in May 2015 i.e. 70% of European market volumes. A more extensive size offering is scheduled for 2016.
  • 7: Is the number of countries where the tire has been tested: Germany, Canada, Spain, Finland, France, Poland and Sweden.
  • 36: Is the number of months that have elapsed from design of the tire until its presentation on 2 March 2015, i.e. only 3 years’ development time (editorial note: it normally takes 4 years 8 months).
  • 70: Is the thermal amplitude of tests in degrees Centigrade. Tests were conducted in outside temperatures ranging from - 30°C to + 40°C.
  • 150: Is the number of engineers and experts who worked on the design and testing, industrialization and production of the MICHELIN CrossClimate tire.
  • Over 1,000: The number of laboratory tests conducted on materials, the tread pattern and architecture.
  • 125 times around the globe, at the level of the equator

5 million kilometers - this is the distance traveled during the dynamic tests and wear and endurance tests carried out.


*Source GFK - Study of the behavior of European consumers – 2014

** Source Ipsos - Purchasing  behavior for winter tires 2014/2015

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