The MICHELIN CrossClimate tire: what better illustration of MICHELIN Total Performance?

The MICHELIN CrossClimate tire is a no-compromise solution which fully meets European motorists’ needs. It is a breakthrough innovation which the Group’s competitors have yet to match. Jean-Claude Pats, European Director of the Replacement Passenger Car and Light Truck Product Line, helps us understand the benefits and qualities of this new MICHELIN tire.
Interview Pats 2015

Why did you develop the MICHELIN CrossClimate tire ?

As always at Michelin, our starting point is the consumer’s need…

Lots of motorists do not want to or cannot switch between winter and summer tires during the year. There can be lots of reasons for this such as cost, complexity, mild winters or infrequent winter conditions.

We know that 65% of Europeans use summer tires all year long*. When driving conditions become difficult during the winter these consumers either take risks or avoid driving altogether.

The MICHELIN CrossClimate tire is announced as being a breakthrough innovation. Can you tell us what makes it special?

The MICHELIN CrossClimate tire is a game-changer. It is a fully-fledged summer tire which offers great performance on dry and wet surfaces as well as excellent longevity and energy efficiency.

For example, when a vehicle is driving at a speed of 60 km/h on a dry road, the braking distance of a vehicle fitted with MICHELIN CrossClimate tires is 5 meters shorter than that of a vehicle equipped with “All Season” tires. 5 meters is equivalent to the length of a car or two pedestrian crossings!

What’s more, it obtained an A rating for braking on wet surfaces and a C for rolling resistance according to European labelling regulations. Its performance on surfaces with a thin layer of snow or patches of black ice is also excellent and on a par with that of an actual winter tire. This is certified by the 3 PMSF (3 Peak Snow Mountain Flakes) marking on the sidewall.

So, our new product really stands out from the others on the market. We could sum up by saying that the MICHELIN CrossClimate tire is a proper summer tire which is also safe to use in winter. We have succeeded in offering the best of both worlds: winter and summer performance. It’s a truly revolutionary offer which is the perfect illustration of MICHELIN Total Performance.

Developed in just 36 months rather than the usual 56, the MICHELIN CrossClimate tire testifies once again to our ability to innovate and revolutionize the market.

An unprecedented challenge successfully met by our teams!


* Source: European consumer behavior survey, GFK 2014

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