Symbio FCell/Michelin: a recognized partnership!

Symbio FCell wins Best Innovative SME/Big Group Partnership Award for their partnership with Michelin.



I am extremely proud that the excellence of the Symbio FCell/Michelin partnership has been recognized in this way.

Fabio Ferrari, Symbio FCell's CEO

Symbio FCell received their award during the annual AFIC Cleantech Club* evening “2015 Review and 2016 Perspectives for Cleantech" organized in partnership with Ernst & Young (EY).
This distinction recognizes the relevance and quality of the Incubator Program Office approach.

The AFIC/EY Awards commend and promote everything that, to us, seems key for the success of Cleantechs, for example, exceptional partnerships involving entrepreneurs working alone or in a team so as to transform innovations that have a positive impact both in terms of economic competitiveness and the environment.

Sophie Paturle, President of the AFIC Cleantech Club and board member of Demeter Partners

The Michelin Incubator Program Office (IPO), which has been supporting Symbio FCell since May 2014, aims to boost Symbio FCell's growth.

The IPO is part of the Group's approach aiming to meet the dual objective of diversifying our innovation sources and widening the fields in which the Group innovates to create ever increasing value. Our partnership with Symbio FCell is also evidence of our strong commitment to reducing our CO2 emissions to provide ever more sustainable mobility in line with the limitation objectives announced at the end of COP21 in Paris.

Gilles Colas des Francs, Director of the Incubator Program Office

*The AFIC (French Venture Capital and Private Equity Association for Growth) created the AFIC Cleantech Club to bring together the increasing number of active cleantech members and to promote eco-industries in France and abroad.

The fuel cell specialist, Symbio FCell, designs, produces and industrializes hydrogen fuel cells and the systems for their implementation, to integrate them into the target platforms.