Road safety: helmets for Thailand!

In that it is essential to improved mobility, improving road safety throughout the world is one of the major ongoing preoccupations of Michelin. To be as effective as possible, we adapts ourselves to the individual aspects of each country, as is the case with Michelin Safe on the road -  Helmet for motorbike, in Thailand.



The roads in Thailand are some of the most dangerous in the world. According to the WHO, they had the second-highest mortality rate per capita in 2012. Accidents mainly affect 2 wheeled vehicles, the main mode of transport in the country. The 23 million motorcyclists in Thailand are paying a heavy cost: they are involved in 80 % of accidents which results in severe injury and death*! The causes are well known: they drive far too fast in towns - the speed limit is 80 km/h in towns, alcohol consumption is common and helmets are rarely worn.

Faced with this terrible situation, in 2015 we decided to set up a collaboration with the FIA. We are initially approaching the 2 wheeled taxis of Bangkok, the population with the most exposure to risk. We have conducted awareness-raising campaigns involving 50,000 of them, and we have distributed 2,000 helmets. In 2016 we continued our efforts among motorcycle taxis, with the distribution of an additional 1,000 helmets. We then expanded our campaign to cover schoolchildren, who are just as exposed when they are passengers. 2000 children's helmets have therefore been distributed, of which 1,000 to schoolchildren in the district of Bangkhunnont, on the occasion of a day dedicated to road safety. We hope that this practice rapidly becomes the norm and not the exception on Thai roads.


*Source : Thai Road safety Center