Paris Bikes and Scooters show 2015 : Michelin rides with two-wheelers

Every year, Paris Bikes and Scooters show highlights the diversity of two-wheelers passion. Michelin is creating tires that fits every usage with an unrivaled level of performance and safety.


Gary Guthrie, Director of the two-wheel product line, seized the opportunity to underscore Michelin’s approach: “Our growth comes primarily from the ability of our people, working together, to capture the opportunities in each of the different markets and to offer even more performance to our customers. We are succeeding thanks entirely to the initiative, the agility and the professionalism which our teams demonstrate every day.”

From roads to tracks

As Michelin will become the official MotoGP tire supplier in 2016, a special emphasis was put on high-performance tires this year. Every tracks enthusiasts may now enjoy two new ranges of specially designed tires, Hypersport and Circuit. Both have been developed during the past three years in close collaboration with MICHELIN Motorsports department. Customers will benefit from a personal support before, during and after their on-tracks experience to fulfill the potential of the 6 new tires.Road enthusiasts will also enjoy Michelin’s innovation. Michelin Scorcher tires offer a perfect balance between performance and safety. They are now the most commonly fitted as original equipment on Harley Davidson motorcycles. 

Scooter for everyone

Scooters are at the heart of urban mobility and the market is growing globally. However scooters usages and needs are very different from one country to another. In Asia and South America, Michelin provides its customers with premium tires at competitive pricing, improving safety and comfort for the majority of scooters drivers. In Europe, Michelin focuses on the expanding 400 cc market with two new specific tires. MICHELIN Pilot Road 4 Scooter emphasizes enhanced safety, while MICHELIN Pilot Power 3 Scooter favors a sportier driving style by offering drivers an exceptional grip. Both tires blend performances with a durability increased by 10 percent compared to their tires predecessors, thanks to Michelin innovation.