Michelin at the SIMA, innovations to meet all challenges

Michelin has been exhibiting at the SIMA, the Paris International Agri-Business Show, for over 10 years, alongside farmers and farm machinery constructors. In light of the challenges facing the agricultural sector, Michelin listens carefully to its customers to offer products and services that boost performance in terms of profitability, productivity, reliability and respect for the environment.

Meeting technological challenges

How can farmers keep up to date with technological developments affecting their work whilst remaining in touch with the land? Michelin offers innovative solutions to help farmers stay connected.

  • MICHELIN Axiobib IF 900/65 R46: a QR code is stamped onto the sidewall of the largest tractor tire in the world. A demonstration video on the Michelin stand shows visitors the potential of a service that will soon be offered to the owners of high-performance tractors.

    SIMA 2015 Michelin Ultraflex
  • Pressure Calculator app: using a smart phone or tablet, a photo and a few clicks are all the Michelin pressure calculator requires to instantly provide users with information about the air pressure of their agricultural tires.

Meeting environmental challenges

How can we continue to produce more, whilst respecting the soil? Michelin has developed tires that use MICHELIN Ultraflex technology to ensure soil is not compacted by the passing over of machines.

  • MICHELIN Cargo XBIB High Flotation compatible with tire pressure regulation systems: the low-pressure trailer tire ensures better respect for the soil and higher productivity.
  • MICHELIN Spraybib: compared to standard technology tires with the same diameter and air pressure, the extremely hard-wearing MICHELIN SprayBib tire offers up to 40% extra load capacity.
  • Compaction Demonstrator: pressure is directly regulated using a computer. The compaction caused by the tire is measured and the result can be immediately viewed in a window.

Conciliating apparently contradictory challenges

How can resistance to aggressive surfaces be conciliated with comfort of use? Michelin provides answers to these paradoxical challenges by continually seeking new solutions with farmers to offer breakthrough innovations such as the diamond-patterned sculpture.

  • MICHELIN BIBLOAD Hard Surface: a diamond-patterned sculpture offers an increased contact patch on hard ground compared to a lugged tire. Resistance is improved and vibrations are reduced, providing an optimized ride.

Anticipating the challenges of the future

How can an increasingly populated planet be fed and how can farming be further developed whilst at the same time preserving the environment? Balancing function and form, Michelin celebrates respect of soils, embodying the best in the tire productivity concepts.

SIMA 2015 lifebib
  • MICHELIN LIFEBIB 710/70 R42: a concept tire celebrating the productivity and fertility of soil that leaves a wheat ear shaped tread mark in its wake.

Supporting human challenges

How can farmers make increasingly important investments without being sure of support from people they can trust? Michelin provides its customers with approved dealers that are on hand to advise, help out and rapidly intervene to ensure farming can continue uninterrupted during key periods.

SIMA 2015 Actu
  • MICHELIN ExelAgri: the guarantee of benefiting from customized, professional advice and an excellent level of service.

MICHELIN Exelagri enables you to immediately identify and pinpoint agricultural tire experts. This currently covers 200 sales outlets in France and 700 throughout Europe.

SIMA 2015

SIMA 2015


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