Michelin: a celebration of transmission

On November 18 and 19, the 20th edition of the Cité de la Réussite was held at the Sorbonne University (Paris). The theme for the event, partnered and attended by Michelin, was “transmission”. Transmission has always been one of the group’s key ambitions, from its very beginnings.



Michelin’s great industrial adventure started nearly 125 years ago and the transmission of knowledge has always been an essential element. Michelin also represents a fantastic human adventure and the Group is mindful of transmitting both the knowledge and experience that perpetuate the Group’s hundred-year-old values, based on excellence and respect. In the early 20th century, Michelin opened its first schools for employees’ children. Since then, training and education has been deeply rooted in the Group’s DNA, representing 6% of the wage bill. Beyond merely teaching, training is about transmitting a certain approach to things, the idea that everything can be achieved in a better way than before, whilst illustrating that innovation does not mean turning your back on the past.


Michelin school

The group embraces this responsibility with its Michelin Technical College in Clermont-Ferrand. It was founded in 1948 with the aim of perpetuating the company’s expertise and identifying young talented students. In 2019, in partnership with other regional business leaders and the college in Clermont, Michelin will inaugurate Campus Entreprises which will take over from the Michelin Technical College. A training hub for industry, it will provide free training in industrial maintenance and production to 250 to 300 students a year, from tenth grade to degree level. A genuine showcase for tomorrow’s industrial professions, the objective is to match qualified people to specific business requirements..

Further to this initiative, the group is increasing its mentoring program throughout the world with nearly 7,000 mentors who work hard to pass on their passion. This method which is very rewarding for employees transmits Michelin’s corporate culture and guarantees the Group’s longevity. Through partnerships with colleges and universities, the Group is omnipresent and is developing an ambitious apprenticeship policy with the aim of transforming 50% of its apprenticeships into permanent roles within the company.

Sharing the group’s passion for excellence and innovation, this transmission is also evident with the Michelin Guide. Every new inspector must shadow a more experienced inspector first. There is tremendous pride amongst the older employees as they pass on their passion for fine food. This transmission is also reflected in how the inspectors write the MICHELIN Guide.


Inspectors are also recruited for their ability to transmit in writing what they experience on the plate.

Claire Dorland Clauzel, on the Group’s Executive Committee and Director of External Relations and the MICHELIN Guide

reminded us, during the debate entitled “Cuisine through the ages: how do chefs transmit their know-how, experiences and emotions?” on November 18

The collegial approach to awarding Michelin stars is also an opportunity for comparing the different points of view of inspectors from varied backgrounds.

For Michelin, the quality of transmission is the key by which all the experience that has made it a success can effectively benefit its own future and the future of its employees and customers.


L’aventure Michelin

For Michelin, transmission is also a way of sharing its culture, values and legacy both inside and outside the company. This is the role of the Michelin Adventure, the exhibition inaugurated in 2009 at Clermont-Ferrand. Open to the public, the Michelin Adventure is an opportunity to discover the history of our pioneering and highly principled brand, keenly focused on innovation and quality. Today, Michelin draws its legitimacy from this historic perspective and it is a source of pride for employees, giving meaning to the present. Today’s actions are part of a legacy built on success and challenges

L'Aventure MICHELIN website

The « Cité de la Réussite »


Founded in 1989, every two years the Cité de la Réussite is held at the Sorbonne University over a weekend. It brings together leading figures from industry, the arts, politics and other fields, to gain “a better understanding of the world through dialog and debate for better integration as we move forward and change. ”

It is a forum for speakers as well as a hub for everyone’s ideas and debates. The 2017 edition which took place on Saturday November 18 and Sunday November 19 brought together 160 speakers and covered 45 themes. Amongst the different speakers, we can mention Surgeon and Chairman of DNAVision Laurent Alexandre, Doctor and President of the National Ethics Committee Jean-Claude Ameisen, Neuroscientist Idriss J. Aberkane, Writer, President of Positive Planet Jacques Attali, Chefs Thierry Marx and Guy Savoy and also Claire Dorland-Clauzel, Member of the Executive Committee of the Michelin Group, Director of Trademarks, Sustainable Development, External Relations and the MICHELIN guide. Theme of this 20th edition: “Transmission” 

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