Michelin Challenge Design 2016: at the heart of future car trends

The Michelin Challenge Design is an annual global car design competition to draw out new ideas that will contribute to safer and more sustainable mobility. The theme for the 2016 challenge is "Mobility for All".
michelin challenge design 2016

The Michelin Challenge Design, one of the world's first design contests 

Launched by Michelin North America, Inc., the Michelin Group's North American branch, the Michelin Challenge Design is a unique opportunity to celebrate, promote, publicize, and give visibility to creative thinking and innovation in vehicle design. Competitors imagine the vehicle of the future and present their work to some of the world's top designers. Their creations are then exhibited on the world stage.

Michelin Challenge Design 2016: “Mobility For All – Designing for the Next Frontier”

Mobility is essential for goods and people, commerce, and growth, and ensures access to clean water, health care, and services around the world. Access to sustainable mobility is one of the cornerstones of economic and social progress, yet hundreds of millions of people still have little or no access to transport.

The Michelin Challenge Design theme for 2016 is “Mobility For All – Designing for the Next Frontier”.

The challenge: design a personal, family, or commercial vehicle that provides simple, functional, and affordable mobility to an underserved area in Southeast Asia, Central America, Central Africa or any other area that is identified.Just as the Citroen 2CV, Volkswagen Beetle, and Ford Model T became iconic vehicles in their respective regions by enabling mobility at the time, this design should help provide mobility to an area in need.

Flexibility, ingenuity, simplicity, and ease of use and repair are some of the criteria used in judging the vehicle design. But innovative vehicle architecture and technology will also be taken into account, as long as they don't compromise functionality, safety, or comfort.


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Since 2002, the Michelin Challenge Design has received more than 7,300 entries from 118 countries.

The registration timeline for the Michelin Challenge Design in 2016 and 2017

  • Michelin Challenge Design 2016: registration open until June 1, 2015.
  • Michelin Challenge Design 2017: registration starting on October 1, 2015.

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