Michelin: 90 years of progressive ideas

A company permanently needs new ideas to move forward. These ideas can come from innovation, using the resources of the research and development departments. But they can also be simple, or at least appear simple, more practical ideas, designed to improve how the company operates on a day-to-day basis. Nobody is better placed than employees to come up with these good ideas, thanks to their extensive knowledge of their jobs and habits. This is why we listen attentively to our employees at Michelin through the Progressive Ideas project.



All companies pay attention to their employees’ ideas, whatever their role may be, or at least they should do. When it comes to improving a manufacturing process, optimizing the use of a machine, simplifying an industrial or administrative process or simply improving organization and conditions at work, the people in the field, factories and offices are the ones with the expert knowledge. It is they who are more likely to imagine new practical and pragmatic solutions, which will naturally be adopted by all.


This is why we have been paying close attention to suggestions from our employees since 1927 To encourage them, facilitate them and make them a reality more quickly, we replaced the Suggestions project by Progressive Ideas in 1995. The project operates through a web platform which allows any employee to easily submit his or her improvement ideas 24/7, 365 days a year, with the solid promise of making the most promising proposals a reality.


Our ambition is simple. Around 70,000 people, our employees, have access to the platform and we hope to collect 60,000 progressive ideas every year. Or more or less an average of one idea per person, per year. We expect genuine commitment from our employees, and we must support them with genuine consideration and resources. With some 26,000 progressive ideas in 2016 (one out of every three suggested), we are demonstrating genuine follow-up and action.

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Key figures

3 million suggestions and progressive ideas since 1927
60 000 progressive ideas suggested and 26,000 made a reality in 2016
20,6 million euros of net savings generated thanks to 3,400 ideas which were specially evaluated in 2016