Materials, at the heart of performance and innovation

A high performance, safe and durable tire contains no less than 200 different materials, formed using leading edge technology. Its final quality is determined by the quality of each one of its components and is guaranteed by the work of our Materials teams (Research, Development, and Industry). They select the best materials, they invent new possibilities using original short, they contribute to making every Michelin tire unique and innovating.



Over 200 different components go into the manufacture of each tire
Up to 75% of the cost of a tire comes from the materials used
17,000 Michelin staff develop, industrialise and produce the materials and semi-finished products needed to produce tires.




The challenges faced by materials teams

Serving the client

Our main objective is always client satisfaction. Our materials must fulfil all performance and service life promises, whatever the conditions they are used in. To avoid any surprises, all the elements that compose a Michelin tire are selected and supplied by our Materials teams.

Accelerating innovation

We must also accelerate innovation. Beating our competitors to the finish line is our second challenge! Materials are often at the core of innovation, whatever the Product Line.


We can also make use of our expertise in materials. This is the purpose of the joint-venture with Fives in the field of 3D metal printing. Using the AddUp brand, Fives Michelin Additive Solutions proposes a comprehensive solution for industrials: we find the best technological solution, we put it into practise by creating machines that fit into the production line, and we can support production by subcontracting some of the parts.

Responsible performance

In the framework of the Michelin Performance and Responsibility targets, we use what we call the 4R strategy: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Renew. This is especially materialised by the creation of external partnerships, in the field of bio-material development, for example.
We also remain highly vigilant and demanding with regards to our suppliers, both concerning the quality of supplied materials and concerning compliance with local and international rules, especially relative to the environment. We have adopted a voluntary approach. For example, we have a strong commitment to the fight against deforestation, in  partnership with the WWF, for our future Indonesian rubber tree plantation.