MICHELIN premium tires on show at Geneva International Motor Show

The same passion from the racetrack to the road

In concentrating on one segment of the premium market which is expanding strongly in all the regions of the world, the industrial and commercial strategy of MICHELIN Motorsport is pursuing the same objective as always: follow the performance route alongside prestige manufacturers, in the service of premium vehicles.

The more premium the vehicle, the more the manufacturer targets performance, and so the more important the tire becomes.

Lorenzo Giovanelli, Director, Premium Original Equipment

MICHELIN achieves highest performance for premium carmakers

Listening to the performance requirements targeted by the manufacturers, Michelin develops innovative solutions capable of achieving higher speeds and performance for heavier and more powerful vehicles.

The aim is to combine vehicle handling, driving pleasure, respect for safety and the environment; two Michelin research priorities in the development of its high-performance tire range.

Three of the most representative partnerships

As exclusive partner of Aston Martin for specialty vehicles, Michelin is equipping the Aston Martin Vulcan, the most powerful and prestigious car ever designed by Aston Martin, with slick tires for the racetrack and with original equipment tires approved for road use. Similarly for the Aston Martin GT3 with a highway tire approved for the racetrack.

Michelin is also becoming partner with Lotus, equipping the groundbreaking new model, the Evora 400, whose specifications are close to those of a supercar.

Finally, with the MICHELIN Pilot Sport Cup 2 tire, Michelin becomes the exclusive original equipment supplier of the new Koenigsegg Ragera, one of the highest performing hybrid vehicles in terms of speed and power.

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