MICHELIN XDR3 tire: A mine of innovation

Mines are a hostile environment. Access is complicated, temperatures are often extreme, the ground is abrasive, the work continuous... It’s hard on the workers, hard on the machines and hard on the tires!



For industrial mining firms, tires are a sensitive point. They must resist huge loads, up to 100 tons per tire for the largest size, on sharp, stony roads in use almost 24 hours a day. And they must of course guarantee the safety of the workers and last as long as possible to generate maximum productivity.

With the new MICHELIN XDR3 tire, we focused on meeting all of these requirements. Thanks to several innovations, MICHELIN XDR3 tire pushes the boundaries of what a tire can withstand. Its new tread provides better endurance because of improved heat loss capacities. By protecting the tire from overheating, we improve its lifespan. And with a greater volume of rubber in contact with the ground, wear is reduced and better distributed. Its structure has also been strengthened with ultra-resistant steel cables encapsulated in rubber to protect them from corrosion.




MICHELIN XDR3 tire adapts to every environment because there are many different kinds of mines. The ground can be more or less abrasive, the slopes and turns steeper or sharper with vehicles driving at different speeds... The MICHELIN XDR3 tire is available in four types of rubber to meet these different requirements. All tires benefit from a new compounding procedure for more uniform distribution of the rubber and carbon black, which slows down wear and tear.

The new MICHELIN XDR3 tire is designed to simplify the life of drivers and is compatible with the MEMS system (MICHELIN Earthmover Management System) which informs the driver in real-time about tire temperature and pressure.