MICHELIN XDR250 50/80 R57: the tire with an even-greater load capacity

Tires for dump trucks at open-pit mines are subject to the most exacting requirements and the highest yield demands on extreme terrains. Designed as a benchmark on trucks with load capacities of over 250 T, the new MICHELIN XDR250 tire is a perfect illustration of the Group's open innovation strategy. 

MICHELIN XDR250 - 2015

A tire developed in partnership with two major players in mining equipment

Developed thanks to teamwork and common specifications with Caterpillar & Komatsu for their latest generations of machines, the MICHELIN XDR250 is able to carry heavier loads and increase the amount of material carried by rigid dampers per hour.

A long-term partnership with Caterpillar

From co-designing the tire and its features to testing at the Caterpillar test center in Tinaja, cooperation with Caterpillar has led to the development of a solution that meets the specific demands of market players, in that it:

  • offers a greater load capacity,
  • offers more TKPH (Ton Kilometer Per Hour),
  • has been enlarged to match the growing dimensions of new generations of machines.

Michelin – working in response to Komatsu specifications

Ever faithful to its open innovation strategy, Michelin worked with Komatsu engineers to ensure their demands formed an integral part of the features of the MICHELIN XDR250 tire. This resulted in the tire being designed alongside the second-generation KOM 830 E AC dumper truck, followed a few months later by accreditation for the dumper truck.

The new MICHELIN XDR 250 offer higher productivity than competing tires

With a load capacity of up to 67 t, the new MICHELIN XDR250 tire increases productivity of rigid dumpers by at least 25% compared to its main competitor, the Bridgestone 46/90 R 57 VRDP, with no trade-off on tire-life.

An overview of the key advantages of MICHELIN XDR 250 tires

  • Greater volume: the MICHELIN XDR250 tire contains an additional 9.2% in air volume compared to its predecessor, enabling it to carry heavier loads.
  • Lower temperature operation: its new tread incorporates smaller rubber blocks crossed by more grooves, optimizing air flow and cooling. Compared to its predecessor, the MICHELIN XDR250 tire can boast a peak temperature of less than 8°C, in comparable operating conditions.
  • Have been designed for mining transport requirements: aside from all its characteristics, it is available on the market for all new vehicles.

Meeting customer expectations

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