MICHELIN X® GUARD™ : innovation meeting the Asian challenge

In China and India alike, trucks are faced with tough road conditions every day. The tires must be extremely robust to stand up to the test.



But our Asian customers do not just expect their tires to be robust; like other hauliers worldwide they are also highly demanding when it comes to safety, longevity, and fuel efficiency not to mention the price! The price is always an important argument but all the more so here in these extremely competitive markets. 

So the challenge was to offer a premium tire at a competitive price. Michelin rose to the challenge with the new MICHELIN X® GUARD™ range which is specially designed to meet the particular needs of these two Asian markets. It includes the very best of MICHELIN technology at an affordable price. The MICHELIN brand is now available to vast numbers of new customers guaranteeing a foothold in the Chinese and Indian markets. 

Focus on India: 3D printing at its best

The new MICHELIN X® GUARD™ range sold in India takes advantage of the latest developments in 3D printing: Regenion technology regenerates new grooves as the tire wears ensuring it retains excellent grip right until the very last mile. The performance of this tire also benefits from other technologies: thanks to the InfiniCoil, a several hundred-meter-long thin wire wrapped round the tire structure giving it added robustness without extra weight.