MICHELIN TIRE CARE, the power of digital technology for haulers

The Group launches MICHELIN TIRE CARE, the first suite of digital and connected solutions for haulers. The power of digital technology combined with Michelin’s expertise will simplify and optimize their maintenance operations and activities’ management.


With MICHELIN TIRE CARE, the Group introduces three disruptive solutions in the European haulage industry: preventive maintenance of truck tires fleet management. They allow reliable, automated, simple and fast monitoring and reporting of tire information.

Michelin has worked hand in hand with industry professionals to analyze their needs and answer them with innovative and customized services. In an industry riven with powerful competition and serious constraints, expectations are clear: security, agility, efficiency, reliability and cost reduction.

Since 15% of the potential performance of tires remains unexploited, haulers’ budgets is strongly impacted. About one-third of truck breakdowns are linked to an incident with the tires (source: ADAC) and 90% of these incidents could be avoided via efficient monitoring of the tire pressures (source: TMC).

MICHELIN TIRE CARE includes three tailored offers according to the fleet size: 

  • For small fleets under 20 vehicles -representing over 95% of the European transport companies-, TireLogTM is a simple and handy pocket maintenance logbook. This free mobile application enables time savings, better maintenance planning and simplified decision-making when comparing tire brands.
  • For fleets of over 100 vehicles, iCheck is a predictive tire diagnostic tool and iManage offers connected management of all tire costs. Both solutions are available for 1 to 9€ per month and per truck on the Truck portal : Their key benefit is higher reliability which means that haulers are able to commit on timely deliveries on a regular and secure basis.

MICHELIN TIRE CARE’s success in the United-States

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