MICHELIN NZG Technology for the New Airbus A350

On the 22th of December, the Airbus A350-900 made its maiden flight bearing the colors of Qatar Airways. Fitted with Radial NZG tires, the long-haul airliner has set new standards in terms of comfort and efficiency. Feedback on a specific Michelin technology and activity that is often overlooked.
Airbus A350

MICHELIN Radial NZG technology for a lighter and more durable tire

Already approved for the Airbus A380, this MICHELIN technology offers excellent prospects for the commercial airline industry, whose worldwide fleet is set to double over the next two decades. It will offer lighter tires with enhanced performance for Airbus A350 models.

Tires with NGZ technology: quantifiable advantages compared with an equivalent bias-ply tire

More economical:

  • up to more than 100% more landings
  • less unplanned maintenance work
  • up to 25% less fuel consumption

More reliable:

  • enhanced resistance against FOD (Foreign Object Damage)
  • MICHELIN is recognized as an important partner in the airline industry – the brand is used to equip more than half of new aircrafts.

More environmentally friendly:

  • less material losses generated
  • less CO2 emissions

8 tires with NZG MICHELIN radial technology can carry as much load as 9 standard radial tires.

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Michelin and the airline industry go back a long way