MICHELIN LTX FORCE, the best on - and off – road solution

Michelin always has its ear to the ground when it comes to identifying customer needs and expectations. An example is Michelin’s new tire launched in the South American market – the MICHELIN LTX FORCE – a good all-rounder which gives users the combined benefit of rural and urban performance.

MICHELIN LTX FORCE, an original product on a fast changing market

In South America unpaved roads are the norm and the market for SUVsand pick-ups has doubled in the space of a decade. According to Ruy Ferreira, South America Passenger Car and Light Truck Sales Director, “demand for these types of vehicle has grown rapidly because they are more rugged and robust, better suited for driving in tougher conditions.” Michelin’s challenge in responding to this trend was to design a tire which met the expectations of both on and off-road users.

The high-mileage MICHELIN LTX FORCE stops shorter on wet surfaces and ensures greater control in the event of aquaplaning.

A product designed especially for South America

This launch is particularly significant for our continent, because the MICHELIN LTX FORCE is the first project handled from A to Z by Michelin South America teams,” points out Carlos Spinazzola from Passenger Car and Light Truck Product Marketing, South America.

Since 2011, a team of 50 has been working on developing this new product including 6 engineers studying driving conditions. This preliminary study was conducted in Brazil, Colombia, Ecuador, Venezuela, Argentina, Paraguay, Uruguay, Chile, Peru and Bolivia - the main countries to make up the zone.

MICHELIN LTX FORCE tires are manufactured at Itatiaia in the State of Rio de Janeiro in Brazil.

MICHELIN LTX FORCE tire: capitalizing on two technologies

On asphalt roads, MICHELIN LTX FORCE offers maximum safety in thewet with a braking distance as much as 2 meters shorter than its average rival in the dual-purpose tire category. It also ensures greater control in the event of aquaplaning, without compromising on its longevity, which is 35% higher than the average of its main competitors in the segment. How does it achieve this? Thanks to Compact Tread technology which takes advantage of two seemingly contradictory performances: excellent durability plus grip thanks to the larger contact area. The MICHELIN LTX FORCE therefore meets its customers’ expectations in terms of both safety and durability.

MICHELIN LTX FORCE tire: the result of tried-and-tested motorsport technologies

Motorsport provides the ideal proving ground to test tires in the most extreme conditions. MICHELIN LTX FORCE tire provides yet another example of our “from track to road” philosophy.  Not only does the tire benefit from certain motorsport-tested technologies, its name pays tribute to its racing counterpart:

  • The tread design inspired by the Dakar Rally is designed to provide a greater contact area thanks to higher tread blocks which favor both durability and traction.
  • The rubber compound perfected in the World Rally Championship (WRC) makes it even more hardwearing. This tougher tread design and rubber compound are the secrets behind Rally FORCE technology.

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