MICHELIN CrossClimate: an innovative digital experience

Michelin is giving Internet users an opportunity to confront the new MICHELIN CrossClimate tires, available from 1 May 2015, with the challenge of changing weather conditions. How? By using a digital platform dedicated to this exciting innovation and the experience can be extended by watching videos on the Group's YouTube channel.
Actu MICHELIN CrossClimate Avr.2015

An experiential immersion in the heart of tire performance

What better argument than to virtually transpose the volatility of weather conditions?

This is the idea behind the sound and vision experience offered to all European drivers, as well is to anyone curious about new digital experiences.

Michelin has been working alongside professional meteorologists to model the approach of weather fronts. The result is the WebGL experience, enabling users to interact in real time with a weather interface, changing weather conditions within a highly realistic urban landscape.

Available in 9 languages, the platform gives Internet users an opportunity to compare the newMICHELIN CrossClimate tire to other tires, choosing the weather conditions for the experience, such as dry/wet ground, intensity of rain and the condition of the road.

Whether in the rain, snow or wind, the ultra-real performance of this latest exciting innovation has astounded initial testers.

Resources dedicated to learning about MICHELIN CrossClimate tires

Always seeking to meet its customer's requirements, Michelin is offering 4 extra sections. From the homepage, users can directly:

  • Read all about the specifications of the new tire
  • Learn about all the benefits and performance of MICHELIN CrossClimate tires via a number of supports, including computer graphics, tests, videos and testimonials.
  • Place advance orders in some countries and check that the new tires can be fitted to their vehicle…

Combining a completely new visual treatment with the latest technical developments, the MICHELIN CrossClimate platform delivers an incredible experience that is intuitive, playful and immersive.


Visit now to change the rules of the game.


Watch all videos on the Group's YouTube channel: