Let's get Movin’On!

After a memorable edition of the Michelin Challenge Bibendum in Chengdu (China) in late 2014, the next world sustainable mobility summit is being held in Montreal from June 13 to 15, 2017, under its new name of "Movin'On".

Michelin Challenge Bibendum devient Movin’On


At the first Michelin Challenge Bibendum in 1998, Nissan, in its quest for "zero carbon" cities, presented a vehicle equipped with a lithium-ion battery with a range of 220 kilometers and capable of speeds of up to 150 kilometers/hour. We have come a long way since then!

In 20 years, the Michelin Challenge Bibendum has earned itself a name as THE global benchmark in mobility issues. During these 20 years, the world has changed substantially, too, and it is changing faster today than ever.

For Michelin, the real challenge is not so much to adapt to this change as to use it as a springboard for improving mobility, by providing solutions that are benefit people, the planet and economic growth.

Our goal is to reinvent mobility and especially urban mobility. We want to imagine means of transportation that are safer, more economical and more connected. We want to make everyday life more enjoyable for billions of people and build a more sustainable future for everyone! To achieve this goal, the Michelin Challenge Bibendum has decided to expand its horizons.

Now is the time for Movin'on

We firmly believe that innovation is born of the meeting of minds. We believe that bringing together scientists, entrepreneurs, visionaries, creatives, policy-makers, NGOs, people from every background and every walk of life produces a sort of "green energy" that can move mountains.

We are also convinced that it's time we came together for mutual inspiration, to exchange viewpoints and open up to other domains, other histories and other ways of seeing the world. The time has come to experience invention as a collective endeavor, an immersive event overflowing with inspirational ideas: it's time for Movin'On by Michelin, in Montreal, in partnership with C2.

With its commitment to lowering its greenhouse gas emissions to 30% below the 1990 level by 2020, and its initiatives to electrify transportation, Montreal is a trailblazer in sustainable urban mobility. A few months from now, the city will also host the world's only platform for demonstrating prototypes and innovations in mobility assistance services.

Moving on from ambition to action, Michelin wants to see a tangible roadmap emerge from the Movin'On international summit, so that public authorities can ratify it and get to work. 

An outstanding program

During the event, the thinking and discussion will revolve around six main themes:

  1. New transportation experiences for tomorrow, in particular through multimodal transportation;
  2. Intelligent mobility, using new technologies;
  3. Anticipating the next breakthroughs in mobility;
  4. The development of the circular economy in mobility;
  5. Regulatory and policy incentives, providing a framework for sustainable mobility;
  6. Concrete solutions for achieving cleaner, safer, more effective mobility.

Participants can learn about and test the latest technologies and vehicles, some of which have never even been unveiled to the public! Each partner company will present its latest innovations:

  • Tesla's latest fully autonomous vehicles;
  • The two new models in BMW's Mini Cooper range;
  • Solar Impulse 2, the model of the solar plane that flew over 40,000 km around the world without fuel;
  • Roborace, the first ever driverless, fully electric racing car, entered in the upcoming races;
  • Proterra, the zero-emission electric bus set to revolutionize urban transport vehicle fleets.

Key personalities, such as Jean-Dominique Senard, our Chief Executive Officer, Bertrand Piccard, the founder of Solar Impulse 2, Denis Coderre, Mayor of Montreal, Jean Todt, head of the FIA, and many others, will also come to share their vision of sustainable mobility.

Michelin is taking advantage of this event to unveil its vision of future mobility by revealing, for the first time, an innovative solution inspired by Nature and which is part of the circular economy.

Let's transform transportation by drawing on the inventiveness, agility and power of researchers and start-uppers, the technological leverage of big companies, cities and governments, to give everyone a better way forward!

What to expect from...

Movin'On workshops and masterclasses

A 90-minute collaborative experience where participants use a ground-breaking method to explore a topic in depth. Workshops and masterclasses take place in closed areas set aside exclusively for these activities. There will be four per day in each area: three workshops and two masterclasses. Participants are requested to register on the Klik online platform 10 days prior to the event.

  • Workshop: 36 participants gathered around six tables of six.
  • Masterclass: 80 to 120 participants gathered around 10 to 15 tables of eight.

Inspired by...

The Conference of the Parties (COP)

In 2015, the Paris COP 21 marked the end of a cycle. A total of 150 companies and organizations from the transportation sector confirmed their commitment to sustainable mobility and joined a common platform, the Paris Process on Mobility and Climate. This platform comprises two initiatives: the UN's SLoCat (Partnership on Sustainable, Low Carbon Transport) and the Michelin Challenge Bibendum. The COP 21 talks also demonstrated the benefits to be gained by gathering a growing number of stakeholders - including companies, local authorities, start-ups, NGOs and more - around a table to more effectively address the challenges of tomorrow. From this experience sprang the idea of transforming the Michelin Challenge Bibendum into Movin'On, the world sustainable mobility summit, open to everyone.