Hello Tomorrow: a summit for innovation

For 3 years, the Hello Tomorrow Challenge has been bringing together people who want to shape the future through technical innovation. High-tech start-ups, major international groups, investors, innovators.... 3,000 people attended the annual summit in Paris on October 13 and 14, 2016. Two exceptional days, buoyed by the presence of the 500 best Challenge start-ups and talks from people at the cutting-edge of innovation. We discussed what will be shape tomorrow: 3D printing, blockchain, augmented reality, future healthcare, bio-mechanics, drones, hygiene...



Michelin has been supporting the Hello Tomorrow adventure since its launch. This year, with the Aéroport de Paris group, we were co-sponsors of the Transport & Mobility theme and were on the jury which recognized the most remarkable start-ups in this field.

For us, Hello Tomorrow is a unique opportunity to meet young businesses with great potential, to innovate together. It is also a means to build bridges with other major industrial operators outside our business sector who share our approach to innovation.

But the Hello Tomorrow summit is more than that. It is a unique opportunity to open the mind, be inspired and make discoveries. To dive into the heart of the innovation dynamic and not just in our core businesses. Every year, we are represented at the event by a dozen employees from different horizons and departments. The summit provides lasting food for thought and feeds their enthusiasm, as well as that of the entire Group.

This year I was again struck by the buzz of ideas and energy, how easy it was to start a discussion and the quality of the conversations. We are proud to be a part of an event like Hello Tomorrow which celebrates an enthusiastic vision of the future which we were able to share with Michelin representatives who have been relatively unexposed to this energizing mix.

Gilles Colas des Francs, Vice-President, Michelin Office Incubator Program

- Hello Tomorrow Challenge 2016 -

Canard Drones, winner of the Transport & Mobility theme

Dutch start-up Canard Drones makes drones to calibrate airport navigation equipment (beacons, illuminated markers, electronic systems) required to safely manage plane activity. Replacing the aircraft currently used for this operation, these drones perform continuous and automatic inspections of the systems with no carbon emissions.