Ground-breaking inventions for sustainable agriculture

Michelin’s breakthrough innovations and their applications offer the farming world a better way forward.
Une innovation majeure : le pneu radial

A major innovation: the radial tire

Michelin’s invented the radial tire as early as 1946 but the first radial tire for agriculture was launched in the seventies. The Group remains a keen advocate of radial technology and is determined to prove its superior performance and wide-ranging benefits for all customers.

A new invention from Michelin: low pressure technology

The next great leap forward for the agricultural tire was the invention of low pressure technology. The larger footprint provides the combined benefit of greater traction and less compaction, not to mention fuel saving out in the field.

MICHELIN Ultraflex helps farmers at every stage of the crop cycle

In 2004, Michelin launched MICHELIN Ultraflex Technology, a breakthrough innovation allowing agricultural tires to work at low pressure to improve soil protection and thereby boost crop yields.

Now, every step of the crop cycle can benefit from low pressure technology:

  • Tractors: MICHELIN XeoBib, AxioBib and YieldBib,
  • Combine-harvesters: MICHELIN CereXBib,
  • Sprayers: MICHELIN SprayBib.

Michelin is the only manufacturer to offer comprehensive Improved Flexion (IF) and Very-High-Flexion (VF) solutions. In the first case, the tires are engineered to carry 20% more load at the same pressure or operate with 20% less pressure with the same load and in the second, the figure is as high as 40%, making it possible to cover all needs from the beginning to the end of the crop cycle.


Pneu Yieldbib

YieldBib optimized for the North American market

2012 saw the US launch of the MICHELIN YieldBib, the first VF solution adapted for North American farmers.

In addition to low pressure technology, the MICHELIN YieldBib tire is unbeatable at combatting stalk residues, which is major headache for American farmers.

This feature is guaranteed by The Stubble Shield marking on the sidewall of the tire.

Breakthrough innovations and their application outside the farming business

Other breakthrough innovations first tried and tested in agriculture have now been applied to other Michelin product lines.

Technologie Tweel

Michelin’s revolutionary airless tire, the Tweel, is currently being tried out on compact loaders. Another example is the 710/75R34 LXPSI tire for Souvim mine clearing vehicles which was developed from agricultural tire casings. The pressure is low enough to allow the vehicle to drive over a mine without setting it off.

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