Electric Tires

Electric cars market is challenged by the vehicle’s limited autonomy. Michelin has launched a specific tires range to improve this.


Electric vehicles can be a major contributor to reduce our carbon emissions. However, their autonomy, which generally ranged between 130 and 200 km, is preventing them to be adopted on a large scale. Tires can play a major role. About 30 percent of energy consumption by an electric vehicle come from the tire, against 20 percent in the case of a classic vehicle.
Michelin’s innovation answered this challenge. Technology developed for MICHELIN Energy TM E-V tires enables a 6 percent gain in the distance travelled by equipped vehicles. It limits the tire’s materials heating, thereby maximizing its energy efficiency, without compromising its road holding and braking capacities. Certified in 2012, it is the first ever tires to obtain an A-rating from European authorities for both energy efficiency and wet braking.
Today Michelin is the main partner of many major electric car manufacturers like Nissan-Renault and Tesla. During the last Frankfurt IAA motor show, the most emblematic models showcased, such as Mission E electric concept by Porsche, Artega Scalo and Thunder Power came equipped with MICHELIN tires, underscoring the Company leadership in this domain.