Bringing more performancestogether in a single tire

Because our clients expect their tires to meet a number of performance criteria, such as safety, longevity, fuel economy, comfort, driving pleasure, to name just a few,, Michelin has faced head on the challenge of delivering all of these performancestogether in each of our tires.

MICHELIN Total Performance: a unique comprehensive approach

A passion for innovation

MICHELIN Total Performance grew out of the Group's ability to:

  • Continually push research and development forward in more than 350 fields of expertise
  • Invest in innovation
  • Make full use of our international research center

Meeting critical needs

Tires are intrinsically complex and high-tech products. During the design process, they are subjected to a number of extreme usage conditions: speed, temperature, deformations, etc. These tests require technological power, the basis of MICHELIN Total Performance.

Michelin's commitment to MICHELIN Total Performance is possible thanks to:

  • Our extensive knowledge of drivers' expectations, manufacturers' requirements, and the European regulatory framework.
  • Our expertise in accident research, developed through partnerships with leading institutions.
  • Our powerful insight into the life of a tire and all of the usage conditions it will be subjected to, in order to keep improving tire performances.

Developing tires with better and better performances

Thanks to prestigious partnerships, such as with the University of Dresden in Germany, Michelin is now seen as setting the standards in the industry.

Since 1992, when we launched the MICHELIN ENERGYTM tire (the "green tire"), the Group's approach to fuel efficiency has saved more than 20 billion liters of fuel and has prevented close to 45 million tons of CO2 from being released into the atmosphere (figures from June 11, 2014).