Beyond the driving test USA: a new regulation for all 50 American states

With the Beyond the Driving Test, campaign, Michelin hoped to raise the awareness of young drivers to the essential role tires play when it comes to safety. Today, the administrations of the country’s 50 states are following these recommendations.



To be effective, road safety actions must be pragmatic and solve a problem. In the United States like everywhere else in the world, road accidents are the primary cause of death for people aged 15-29. As they investigated this problem, our North American teams learned that 12% of accidents involving young drivers were caused by a lack of tire maintenance. This led to the launch of the Beyond the Driving Test. Its objective? To make all those passing their driving test aware of the importance of checking their tires and teach them the right actions to take.

With the collaboration of several organizations including the American Driver Traffic and Safety Education Association, the American Association of Motor Vehicle Administrators and the Governors Highway Safety Association, and thanks to the media campaign, we reached both driving instructors and young drivers. In parallel, our endeavors to make tire safety training and tire maintenance mandatory have hit their mark. Initially, the objective was to cover 50 states by 2020, no small task when you know that road safety rules differ from one state to the next.




Today, three years ahead of our target, all the states have now embraced this commitment and mandatory training is already in place in 26 states. It should become a reality in the remaining 24 states over the coming weeks and months.

Jean Todt

President of the FIA and UN Special Envoy for road safety.


Michelin’s actions are perfectly in line with the #3500lives campaign by the FIA and its objective to reduce the number of young driver accidents. I would encourage the communities in charge of road safety to continuously improve these mandatory training courses and educational programs with young drivers.


Beyond the Driving Test