Agritechnica 2015: Tomorrow’s agriculture connected by Michelin

Agritechnica trade fair has taken place in Hanover, Germany, from November 12th to 16th. Michelin has showcased its latest agricultural innovations, including the first ever connected tire specially designed for the farmers.(

Agritechnica 2015

From radial tire to low pressure technology, Michelin has always adapted its technology to the farmer’s needs, to make their daily work easier and increase their productivity. To go further, the connected tire technology, already used in freight transport and construction, is now made available to an agricultural sector that is getting more connected every day.

Equipped with RFID microchip, Michelin tires will give access to a full range of digital services designed to make the daily life of farmer simplier. For example, thanks to the digital pressure calculator, any farmer equipped with a basic smartphone will be able to determine the optimal tire pressure according to the soil and the equipment used. Paired with an automatic inflation system, it will enable an optimal use of agricultural equipment at any time.

Every farmer choosing connected tire technology will benefit of a specific support by a Michelin expert during spring 2016 to make the best use of this innovation.