Agricultural Product Line: A Customer-Focused Digital Strategy

Attentive to the expectations and needs of farmers, the MICHELIN Agricultural Product Line is adapting its digital strategy. We spoke with Guylaine Drolet, the business unit's Digital Communication Manager, who explains the main ideas behind it.

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What was the catalyst for this new digital strategy for the Agricultural Product Line?

Two observations led us to rethink the digital strategy:

  • agricultural business owners are very familiar with digital technology and are highly connected;
  • they are also keen to listen to the opinions of their colleagues on the use, performance and quality of products.

We also used Michelin's vision for its Agricultural Product Line as a starting point: “In order to provide food for the planet in a sustainable and environmentally friendly manner, we continually offer farmers the most innovative solutions to increase their efficiency and protect their land, so as to improve living conditions for all.”

Michelin's ambition is to remain as close as possible to farmers, and provide assistance when they require advice, information or a product.

This naturally led the Group to ask itself the following question: how can we use digital technology to serve farmers?

Which actions have you implemented?

We began by optimizing what was already there. The website should above all make product searches as easy and efficient as possible. Thanks to the tire selector tool, which has been placed at the forefront, farmers can find the right tire and the retailer closest to their operation.

But Michelin's aim is always to go further and remain one step ahead.

Agricultural tires are technologically advanced products used to equip machines that represent a significant investment for farmers.

The Agricultural Product Line website therefore enables searches for information and advice, as well as demonstrations of product performance. Before making a selection, it also offers the chance to see testimonials from farmers who already use products, in particular via the YouTube channel.

In the medium-term, Michelin hopes to establish partnerships with universities, organizations or companies in order to be involved more closely with innovations in the world of agriculture.

To follow this vision, Michelin would now like to position itself as a leading global player serving farmers, and not only a tire supplier.

Guylaine Drolet

Have any other innovations been developed?

Once again, to provide advice and maintain proximity, Michelin has created a mobile version of its website, so that farmers quite literally have the solution in their pockets. Farmers can now find answers to their questions wherever they are.

Mobile applications have also been designed and produced to provide ease-of-use and bring real added-value to farmers. For example, the Pressure Calculator' applicationhas been developed in conjunction with farmers who tested it during the development phase.

What does it offer? The correct pressure for tractor tires can now be found in a few clicks and the load-distance ratio can be calculated with a photo. These are great ideas that were actually contributed by our customers!

Presented at the SIMA 2015 show, the MICHELIN Axiobib IF 900/65 R46 tire, the world's largest tractor tire, had a QR code on its sidewall. This QR code enabled visitors at the Michelin booth to discover the various service options which will be available soon for high-power tractor owners, with a demonstration video.

Lastly, local initiatives, such as the Agricultural Product Line's Twitter feed in the United Kingdom, provide farmers with testimonials from their colleagues.

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