A new tool to encourage participatory innovation

Michelin's InnovationWorks, a melting pot of ideas


Participatory innovation is encouraged and supported by InnovationWorks.

From May 19th to June 20th, Michelin's European personnel were invited to share their creative ideas on such topics as product innovations, service, maintenance, navigation, connectivity, and food waste reduction as part of InnovationWorks in Europe. The most promising of these ideas will be presented to Michelin's Innovation Group Committee. In early 2015, and the ideas selected by the Committee will be sent to incubators in order to quickly test their market value.

From ideas to incubation

Incubators are facilities that assist small companies, typically start-ups, and allow them to rapidly develop and test innovative business models in the mobility field. InnovationWorks is a search engine that tries to find new business activities outside of the tire industry to help the Group better reach its growth objectives.