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To continue offering everyone a better way forward, Michelin is launching a mobile-friendly version of its Group website. The aim is to offer more features, optimize the website for mobile use, provide exclusive content and improve the Brand’s digital experience. mobile

A mobile-optimized website to reflect the Group’s innovative approach

The new Michelin mobile website is a natural offshoot of the Group’s approach to innovation with its premium design, specific content and features specially designed for web users on the move.

Getting to the heart and soul of the site

This mobile version offers smartphone users two ways of consulting the site via segmented content.

The first way – vertical navigation – gives immediate access to the main information found on the conventional site optimized for mobile users:

  • News and the related media,
  • Main pages on Michelin’s flagship themes: sustainable development, innovation, finance, media, strategy and profile.

The second way – horizontal  navigation – lets the user browse through a wealth of content where archive pictures and videos are exploited to the full in order to give the smartphone user an alternative experience of the website content.

Users can access this unique digital experience either from the homepage menu or from the footers on all the website pages.

Features to enhance user experience

To anticipate its users’ needs and expectations, Michelin has created a number of mobile-friendly services and features. Users can access the following from the home page:

  • the contact form,
  • the calendar of events,
  • subscription to email alerts,
  • the relevant “Tire, products and services” module
  • and, lastly, the Group’s various social network platforms.

A comprehensive offer of services which blends perfectly into the Brand’s digital ecosystem.

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