2014, a record year for Progress Ideas at Michelin

Thanks to InnovaGo, all Michelin employees can now put forward their ideas. 23,209 of them did so in 2014 when some 56,732 ideas were submitted. This was the highest figure since Progress Ideas were first introduced back in 1927.

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100,000 Ideas a year by 2020

Michelin first came up with its suggestions program in 1927. It was revamped in 1995 and given the name Progress Ideas.  Today, it serves the Group’s strategic ambitions in terms of competitiveness, growth, innovation and employee engagement.

Michelin’s aim is to give employees out in the field a chance to speak out and give free rein to their creativity and sense of responsibility.  Michelin believes that it can harness ideas straight from the shop floor to simplify the way the company works and become more agile, more efficient and more customer-centric.

More than 65,000 employees work in entities where Progress and Innovation Ideas can be submitted using InnovaGo. The Group’s goal is 100,000 Progress Ideas a year in 2020, the equivalent of at least one idea per employee.

Progress Ideas further safety and quality

The 22,858 ideas put into practice correspond to:

  • 6,762 fewer potential hazards
  • 6,435 improved working conditions
  • 4,018 quality problems solved
  • 626 environmental improvements  
  • 426 diversity issues handled
  • 4,507 different savings made
  • 84 innovation ideas accepted

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